Bruce Sherriff

The APSI announces with great sadness the passing of Bruce Sherriff, one of the APSI’s long standing members, following a short illness. Bruce joined the APSI in 2003 and in recent years worked mainly at the Holland and Holland Shooting School. Besides his shotgun coaching skills he was also a very keen stalker, passing on… Read more »


This year’s AGM will be held on March 30 at West London Shooting School, Northolt, Middlesex. Unfortunately the 50 target competition we had planned will not now be held. So come along at 1pm for a delicious lunch, a chat with old friends, with the AGM at 2pm. All APSI members are, of course, welcome!

Advanced (Part Two) Course

An APSI Advanced (Part Two) Course is scheduled for October 2020, from 12 – 15 inclusive, at Doveridge Shooting Ground, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire. APSI Advanced Courses are held every two years, with only 12 places available. For details please check the ‘APSI COURSES’ section.

APSI is running a third Spring Basic Course!

With the April and May Spring Basic Courses already full APSI has decided to run another in June, from 15 – 18 inclusive. Details are available in the ‘APSI Courses‘ section.

Gun Fit Course

An APSI Gun Fitting Course will be held on March 23rd at Ian Coley Sporting near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. A good gun fit is so much more than a mere ‘marginal gain’, yet relatively few coaches have this knowledge at their fingertips. The course explains the gun fitting process in detail and helps dispel the idea… Read more »

First Loader’s Course in 2020 announced

In response to many requests APSI is launching its own definitive loader’s courses in 2020. These will be available throughout the year and at various locations in the UK. The first course will be held at Grange Farm, Wansford, near Peterborough on May 5. Further details may be found in the ‘Courses’ section.

APSI Coaches Courses for 2020

APSI has enjoyed yet another busy and successful year with its coach training courses. These have now concluded for 2019, just in time to enjoy the better end of the Game season! For 2020 APSI is planning some exciting additions to its courses’ line up: at last the ISSF course for Olympic Skeet and Olympic… Read more »

Revoked General Licences for Pest Bird Control

From the offices of APSI President, Bill Wiggin MP You are likely already aware of the immediate and concerning changes to general licences for pest bird control which came into effect at midnight last night. This is a result of a legal challenge by environmental organisation Wild Justice against the Government advisor Natural England (NE)… Read more »

New APSI Press Officer Appointed

APSI has appointed Bruce Marks as our Press Officer. Bruce sits on the Management Committee & is a Fellow of APSI. He is well versed in Firearms law & the sport of both Game & Clay Shooting. We are keen to ensure that both APSI & shooting receive balanced, accurate and common-sense reporting on the… Read more »

Refresher Courses and Workshops

In response to requests from members APSI will be offering a variety of one-day refresher courses and workshops, both clay and game orientated, and announcements regarding these will be made later in the year.