FITASC reaction to proposed ban on lead ammunition


APSI members will be aware of the EU’s ECHA proposal to ban the use of lead ammunition, initially over wetlands, but the threat is certain to extend to all shooting activities involving the use of lead shot. This includes all forms of clay shooting. The proposal is to employ steel shot as an alternative to lead. Steel has its own problems however, among them being reduced range, increased recoil, and unsuitability for some types of gun. Steel shot also deteriorates in an undesirable way, making it a less acceptable choice than may first appear.

The UK’s disconnection from the EU on December 31 will remove any UK obligation to comply with EU rulings on lead. However, this would create a two-tier system for clay shooting competitions: shooters from countries who can use lead and those obliged to shoot steel.      

Both the ISSF (the body responsible for all Olympic shooting) and FITASC (responsible for non Olympic international shooting) are strongly opposed to any ban on lead and have produced solid science to support their opposition. The work of FITASC makes for compelling reading, and it’s available here for download.