Covid 19 Update


We hope everyone is faring well in the current situation.

Several members have asked APSI for its own views on shooting and coaching. As we understand it, following the PM’s recent statement, it is now possible in England to shoot as individuals provided all safety rules are observed. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have not eased restrictions so in those countries shooting is probably not allowed since travel is still limited.

In England Constabularies seem to have differing interpretations of what is and what is not permitted.  Before dusting off the gun it would be advisable to contact county police to see what their view is. Thames Valley Police have already stated that shooting is permitted provided no Covid 19 rules are broken but threaten loss of certificate in serious cases if they are.

If shooting is permitted, how does this affect our core business, coaching? Quite simply, while the 2 metres spacing is in operation, no form of coaching as we know it is possible. With experienced shooters it may be conceivable to observe them from a safe distance but the value of that is limited. Effective coaching requires the coach to be very much closer than 2 metres, virtually touching for the most part.   

Gun Fitting
This is also not possible for all the same reasons that preclude coaching, plus there is the added risk of virus transfer with the constant back and forth of the Try Gun between coach and client. 

APSI Courses
The close interaction of students and course instructors both in the classroom and on the shooting ground means that APSI courses at the present time must remain on hold.

So what are the prospects for resuming coaching activities?
Despite all the foregoing APSI members will be pleased to know that we are actively working to find suitable PPE for client and coach, and to establish workable guidelines that will enable coaching to resume in as safe an environment as possible and as soon as possible. We will keep everyone updated as this is progressed.  

Here is the very useful guidance document from the CPSA:

Meanwhile please stay safe everyone!