APSI is pleased to announce its coaching courses for 2020.

APSI has been running successful instructor courses since 2002, and to date well over 1,100 budding coaches from the UK and worldwide have taken part.

The April and May APSI basic coaching courses are fully subscribed.

A third Spring basic coaching course will now take place at Doveridge Shooting Ground, 15 – 18 June, inclusive.

The APSI basic course is based on the education a shooting instructor receives at a professional shooting school, and includes the essential elements of both clay and game shooting. Although participants are encouraged to bring their own guns there is always a good selection of new Browning guns available too.

Cost of the course is £1,250 which includes four nights in a local hotel, breakfast & lunch, and all clays and cartridges used during the course. 

For further details please contact Chris Miles at chris@apsi.co.uk


Announcing the APSI Loader’s Course series

In response to many requests for a definitive Loader’s Course, APSI is running a series of these courses in locations around the UK. The first for 2020 will take place on May 5 at the lovely Grange Farm, Wansford, near Peterborough. The course is limited to 16 people, decided on a first come first served basis. 

Each course is packed with vital information to ensure the loader provides the very best service when working in the game field.

Safety is the principle factor when working with guns. It’s a feature emphasised throughout the course, as are the fundamentals of Risk Assessment & Health & Safety, also Insurance.  

Besides learning the essentials for the modern loader, all participants will have the opportunity to both shoot and load, to experience the process from both points of view.

Cost of the course is £195 per person (£175 for APSI members), to include breakfast, lunch, cartridges, clays, and guns as required. On completion of the course successful candidates will receive APSI Certificates of Safety and Loading competence.

For enquiries, an application form or to book a place, please contact Paul Bentley at paul.bentley@olympian.org 


APSI Advanced (Part Two) Course

An APSI Advanced (Part Two) Course is scheduled for October 2020, from 12 – 15 inclusive, at Doveridge Shooting Ground, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The aim of the Part Two course is to expand on the subject matter of the basic course and introduce an extensive series of additional topics required by the advanced professional instructor and specialist discipline coach.

Participants will have taken the APSI Basic (Part One) Course at least 12 months prior to the Part Two Course.

Price of the course is £1,250, which includes 4 nights in a local hotel, breakfast, lunch, cartridges, clays and a selection of Browning loan guns. 12 places are available on a first come first served basis.

For further details, an application form or to book a place, please contact Chris Miles at chris@apsi.co.uk  


ISSF Skeet and Trap Coaching Course

Course dates: August 10 – 13 inclusive
Course cost: £1,250.00

In August 2020 APSI is running its first Olympic disciplines instructor course, featuring the two Olympic Clay disciplines of Olympic Skeet and Olympic Trap. The course has been two years in the creation and course presenters are recognised as leading coaches in their respective disciplines. Among them are former GB team shooters and Olympians who have coached extensively both nationally and internationally.

The course will deal with the technical complexities of these testing disciplines as well as offering unique insights into the mental and physical processes required in top level competition, by those who have been there and done it. The unique gun fit required for these disciplines, and how to achieve it, is also explored in detail.Those wishing to participate will have completed the APSI Level One course (or similar courses from other coaching organisations) or will be experienced coaches with a sound understanding of shooting basics.

The course will be held at Doveridge Shooting Ground from August 10 – 13 inclusive, cost is £1,250 to include 4 nights in a local hotel, breakfast, lunch, and all cartridges and clays.For further information: For details please contact Paul Bentley at paul.bentley@olympian.org


Disabled Shooters Instructor Course

Coaching those with disabilities presents its own challenges beyond the ability to coach, and this one-day course explores the important principles involved. The course has been assembled over a 12 – month period, working closely with disabled shooters.

Date for the course is May 19, 2020, and cost is £225 per person, including refreshments and lunch, cartridges and clays. Course venue is Yeaveley Estate Shooting Ground, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

APSI regards this course as an essential add-on for all coaches, however experienced. As an incentive to APSI members to participate in this important course it is being offered to members at the discounted price of just £100. 

For further details please contact Guy Field at contactus@yeaveley-estate.co.uk

One Day Instructor Course

Course dates: tbc
Course cost: Cost is £225, for a minimum 12 participants.

The APSI One Day Instructor Course provides an introduction to the Part One basic course, or as a quick education in corporate event instruction.

The course includes the important APSI Safety Test (which satisfies the Health & Safety Executive and insurance companies). This is a vital document for all shooting grounds that employ part time staff.

Note: Because of the difficulty of bringing together so many individuals for a short course APSI now runs these courses in response to requests from shooting grounds or members of the gun trade, although freelance individuals can often take part.

For further information: Call Chris Miles on 01782 397961 or email: chris@apsi.co.uk


Important Courses Information

  • Please note that the minimum age for course attendance is now 21 years

  • Each participant must be legally qualified to possess and use shotguns in their home country

  • Each participant must submit a passport type photograph with their application