APSI Coaches Courses for 2020


APSI has enjoyed yet another busy and successful year with its coach training courses. These have now concluded for 2019, just in time to enjoy the better end of the Game season!

For 2020 APSI is planning some exciting additions to its courses’ line up: at last the ISSF course for Olympic Skeet and Olympic Trap has found a home, and we are running the very first one in August next year.

We are certain that the Disability Course provides an essential level of specialist knowledge for every coach; so much so that for 2020 APSI is offering a 50% discount on the price of this course to all current APSI members. Details soon!

APSI receives many requests through the year for Loader’s Courses, so for 2020 we are planning to run a number of these at various locations in the UK.    

Details of these and APSI’s other courses will appear shortly in the APSI Courses section.