Announcing APSI courses for 2019


The 2018 courses are now completed and once the game season draws to a close we will be looking forward to the 2019 series.


First in April is the traditional APSI Spring Basic Course, first held back in 2002. Unfortunately this has already been filled. The good news is that we have decided to hold a second Basic Course in May. Please check ‘APSI Courses’ for details.

Also in April, and brand new, is a course for coaching disabled shooters. This is an important project which has been a year in its development. It is available exclusively to APSI members. Please check ‘APSI Courses’ for details

The Spring FITASC course will be held in May, and its resulting coaching qualification for successful candidates is recognised worldwide. Details of this and the other courses may be found under ‘APSI Courses’.