A possible return to coaching


With Government restrictions now slightly eased there are many shooting grounds cautiously re-opening, whilst being very careful to observe social distancing rules at all times.

APSI has examined many possibilities for a safe return to coaching. Unfortunately, at the moment the ‘New Normal’ does not allow venturing inside the current 2 metre limit. This severely limits coaching and the type of person who might be eligible for coaching.

The two downloads below are:
1) A screening questionnaire for all potential clients: this to be emailed out and completed before their attendance. It’s a basic document, to be added to or modified as required.

2) Planning for a safe return to coaching. It is emphasised that this represents a series of possible actions, not recommendations. It is also a comprehensive Risk Assessment document. Coaches must view this document in that light and take from it what suits them.

We are all aware that Covid 19 has not gone anywhere and continues to present a serious threat to health. The safest option will still be to stay at home!

Meanwhile please all keep safe and observe Government guidelines at all times.