APSI has been running instructor courses since 2002. They have proved very popular and a selection of courses to cater for all requirements is now available. 

A new addition is the first officially accredited FITASC Part One instructor course, which will be held in May 2018, details below.

One Day Instructor Course

Course dates: tbc
Course cost: Cost is £195, for a minimum 12 participants.

Following many requests APSI now provides a single day instructor introductory course. This serves as an introduction to the Part One basic course, and also as a quick education in corporate event instruction. It’s ideal for the experienced Shot who perhaps has been asked to help out at the local shooting ground on corporate events, but is unsure about coaching and the safety aspects involved.

The course includes the important APSI Safety Test (which satisfies the Health & Safety Executive and insurance companies). This is a vital document for all shooting grounds that employ part time staff.

Note: Because of the difficulty of bringing together so many individuals for a short course APSI now runs these courses in response to requests from shooting grounds or members of the gun trade, although freelance individuals can often take part.

For further information: Call Chris Miles on 01782 397961 or email: chris@executivedays.co.uk

For 2018 APSI will once again be running two Spring Basic courses, as detailed below.

1st Spring APSI Basic Coaching Course (Part One)

Course dates: 17 – 20 April 2018 inclusive
Course cost: £1,150.00

This course is now concluded and below are the sixteen students who took part. They enjoyed mostly fine weather for the four days of the course, held at the beautful Lady’s Wood Shooting Ground in Gloucestershire

2nd Spring APSI Basic Coaching Course (Part One)

Course dates: April 30 – May 3, 2018 inclusive
Course cost: £1,150.00

The APSI (Part One) Basic Course provides the type of education typically received by a trainee coach at a shooting school, essentially covering both clay and game shooting coaching.

Venue is the excellent Doveridge Shooting Ground Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The course price includes 4 nights in a good local hotel, breakfast & lunch, cartridges & clays.

For further information: Call Chris Miles on 01782 397961 or email: chris@executivedays.co.uk


APSI Advanced Coaching Course (Part two)

Course dates: tbc
Course cost: tbc

The aim of this course is to expand on the topics covered in the Part One Basic Coaching Course, and to introduce a series of additional topics required by the professional instructor and specialist discipline coach.

The course includes accommodation, breakfast & lunch.

For further information: Call Chris Miles on 01782 397961 or email: chris@executivedays.co.uk

Gun Fit Course

Date & Venue tba

For many coaches gun fitting is a mysterious art to be avoided at all costs, and even some shooting grounds steer clear of the subject. But there is no mystery to obtaining a good gun fit. Once the basic principals are learned and practised gun fitting may be tackled with confidence.

The APSI course expands on the gun fitting section of the Basic Coaching Course. It includes the opportunity to perform a gun fit employing O/U and S/S try guns, utilising fitting plates and suitable targets to achieve a final fit.

This includes all guns & equipment, cartridges, clays and catering for the day.

For further information: Call Chris Miles on 01782 397961 or email: chris@executivedays.co.uk


ISSF Skeet and Trap Coaching Course

Course dates: tbc
Course cost: tbc

The next APSI ISSF Skeet and Trap course will be held in May 2018, actual date to be finalised. The course is a step on from the APSI courses already on offer. It is aimed at the clay discipline coach looking to extend his/her knowledge base to include these testing international disciplines, also the ISSF shooter who is looking to become a coach in the future

An increasing number of clay shooters, particularly youngsters, are turning to these disciplines and the demand for Olympic discipline coaches is growing.

For further information: For details please contact Paul Bentley at pb@totalshooting.com

APSI/FITASC Instructor Courses Announced

At its General Assembly in Budapest in July 2017, FITASC elected APSI to be the body responsible for designing and presenting instructor courses on its behalf, on a worldwide basis. This is a considerable accolade for APSI that will further enhance its reputation as well as that of its members.

There will be Level 1, 2 and 3 courses available, plus discipline specific courses.

The first 4-day Level One FITASC course will be held on 21 – 24 May, 2018 inclusive, at Doveridge Shooting Ground, Derbyshire.

Course cost: £1,150.00


If you are a UK citizen and wish to participate in the FITASC course:

  • No previous coaching experience is required but you must have a minimum of at least 3 years shooting experience
    You must be a minimum of 21 years of age when the course begins
    You must have no medical condition that would preclude you from attending the course
    You must hold a current Shotgun Certificate
    You are not forbidden under the Firearms Act to handle firearms and shotguns

If you satisfy the above requirements simply email pb@totalshooting.com with your details and an application form will be sent to you.

Successful students will be awarded a FITASC Coaching Accreditation, a FITASC Certificate and FITASC Coach’s jacket badge. The award will represent a coaching qualification that is recognised worldwide.

This is a great opportunity for APSI members who may in the future wish to coach overseas. An internationally recognised FITASC qualification represents a fine endorsement.

Please note:
Non-UK citizens should apply for the course through their national FITASC Federation  

Courses Review

The general requirements for all APSI course participation is being reviewed and will come into operation as of 01/01/2018. The changes in the criteria for attending courses are likely to include:

  • Minimum ages for attendence 21 years
  • Each participant must be legally qualified to possess and use shotguns in their home country
  • Each participant must submit a passport type photograph with their application